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It is a metering socket. It is easily to measure the power consumption and cost of your electrical appliances.
Simply plug the meter into the wall and then plug your appliance into the socket.
With the help of this divice, you can make certain how much your standby appliances cost.
Plug: EU plug/ AU plug/ US plug/ UK plug
Display Power (W): EU plug: 0-3680W; US plug: 0-1800W; AU plug: 0-2400W; UK plug: 0-2900W
Current display (A): EU plug: 0.0-16.0A; US plug:0.0-15.0A; AU plug: 0.0-10.0A; UK plug :0.0-13.0A
Time display range: 0-9.999 days
Voltage Display Range: 0-9999V
Frequency display: 0-9999HZ
Price Display range: 0.00-99.99/KWH
KWh: 0.00-9999KWH
Voltage: EU plug:230V 50HZ; US plug:120V 60HZ; AU plug:240V 50HZ; UK: plug230V 50HZ
Current: Max. 16A
Color: White
LED light color: White backlight
Size: 155 x 72 x 80mm
Package size: 85 x 75 x 200mm
Package included:
1 x Digital Energy Meter Socket
1 x User Manual

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