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- Test LED backlight strip without demolishing panels.
- If LED reverse wrong, will not burn LED beads.
- Display : show the output voltage and current.
- High brightness, high voltage output, compatible with all kinds of led strips.
- Safe without electric shock by isolation of transformer.
- Light up gradually, protect eyes.
- Voltage and current intelligent adjust according to the LED beads automatically.
- Two-step current switch.

Input Voltage: AC85V-265V
Output Voltage: 0-320V
Output current: 0-35mA
Plug Type: EU Plug
Instructions :
1. After plug in the power (AC85-265v), wait a moment: when output voltage display is fixed, plug in the red and black test leads, then start testing.
2. When testing, use red and black test leads to touch the positive and negative of LED diodes/LED strips, the light will get brighter gradually (3-5s), then stability.
3. The LED tester automatically adapts to the current of led diodes from low to high slowly, will not burn the lamp beads . But for some poor quality single led beads are likely to be reverse breakdown.
Test skills:
1. Display voltage = open circuit voltage, your LED strip may be reversed or open circuit failure.
2. Display: 000v, LED strip or LED diodes is short -circuit.
3. Leakage testing : Test two objects with no electrical connection. If the display voltage is significantly lower than the open circuit voltage, then there is leakage between the two objects.
Don't touch both ends of the test leads at the same time when working!
If you do not use it for a long time, please disconnect the power!
Package included:
1 x Tester
2 x Test leads (Red and black)
1 x Power cable
1 x User manual

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