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Features :

Multifunction Adjustable LED Tire Repair Lamp
1. Output voltage Adjustable, output current.
2. Adjustable brightness beads light.
3. Detectable Medallions cast.
4. The two high-precision data reading meter, high precision.
5. Adaptive test Automatic light beads / voltage panel lamp.
6. The voice instructions lamp bulbs without seeing and improving efficiency.
7. Electrical insulation safe, touch one end of the output power not people. (Note: do not touch the positive and negative poles at the same time)
8. The rope can be accessed by about 100 different types of lights, lamp panels, light board.
9. specialization, professional-quality, trustworthy.

Usage: Suitable for all series sizes and in parallel LED light beacons single power plate inspection and maintenance. Series and parallel hybrid line can be detected.
Multifunction adjustable LED lamp beads service tester is a test and maintenance equipment of LED light beads.
Specially designed for most electronic enthusiasts. Light beads solve found during assembly does not shine the light does not make the whole problem.
You can quickly identify the problems that light beads have. Which effectively improve maintenance efficiency and save maintenance time, reduce indirect labor costs.

Specification :
Name: LCD Backlight Tester
Output voltage adjustment range: 0 ~ 180 V (the voltage is very high, automatically protected)
Operating voltage AC 180 V-240 V
Output current range: 0 ~ 20mA
Size: 14 x 8.2*3.9cm/5.51" x 3.23" x 1.54"

Package includeds :

1 x Tester
2 x Test Pen
1 x Leak detection probe
1 x US power adapter plug (Delivery with an adapter according to your country)
1 x User Manual

Details pictures :

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