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True RMS 6000 counts clamp meter, it can measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current (minimum reached 1mA through clamp head), Frequency, temperature, capacitance, on-off test, resistance, live wire check, with non-contract voltage detection function,timely remind users to pay attention to the operation safety and allow users to use more safely and assuredly. 


Max. display: 6000counts
Data hold function.

LIVE wire check function and V~ alert function facilitates quick identification of mains wiring status.
LOZ, low impedance voltage detection, very suitable for maintenance industry. 
Dual display can display voltage or current and frequency at the same time.
Added a table pen card position, provide one-handed operation service.
Added back hooks, convenient to carry.

ACA6A/60A/100A  2.5%+5
DCA6A/60A/100A    2.5%+5
ACV  6V/60V/600V 1%+3
DCV6V/60V/600V 1%+3
LoZ(ACV-DCV Auto Scan)600.0V / 300k input impedance
Continuity buzzerLess than 30Ω
OHM600/6K/60K/600K/6M/60MΩ 1%+3
Capacitance600.0/6000 μF 4%+3
Hz60/1000Hz from jaw or input teminals
μA  HVAC flame rod test0~200.0μA



Package Included:

1 x Mustool MT866 Digital True RMS Clamp Meter (Batteries are not included)
1 x Pair Test Probe
1 x 1M(Length) Temperature Test Probe
1 x English User Manal

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