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1. Electical parameter measurement function(Voltage, current,active power)
2. Large-screen LCD (display voltage, current, active power)
3. Remember the display items(Store display items when power off)
4. Backlight function.
Appearance and key function
1.Diaplay interface
Display interface is large-screen LCD, extra large fonts to diaplay Voltage, current, power, use the key to switch the parameter.
2.Display format
Power: test range: 0-1.1KW
Within 1W, the display format is 0.000-0.999W;
Within 10W, the display format is 1.000-9.999W;
Within 100W, the display format is 10.00-99.999W;
Within 1000W, the display format is 100.0-999.9W;
1000W and above,the display format is 1000W
Voltage: test range:80-260V
Display format: 80.0-260.0V
Current: test range: 0-5A
Display format: 0.000-5.000A
1. This module is suitable for indoor, please do not use outdoor.
2. Applied load should not exceed the rated voltage, current.
3. Wiring order can't be wrong.
Type: PAEM-012
Working voltage: 80-260VDC
Test voltage: 80-260VDC
Rated power: 5A/1100W
Meaurement accuracy: 1.0 grade
Working frequency: 45-65Hz
Size: 89.6 x 49.6 x 24.4mm(Length x Wide x High)
LCD screen: 51 x 30mm(Length x Wide)
Color: Black
Package included:
1 x AC Digital Multi-function Meter(With English manual)

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