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These characteristics apply to a T3000 series probe installed on a specified oscilloscope.When used with another instrument, the oscilloscope must have an input impedance of 1 M ohm.
The instrument must have a warm-up period of at least 20 minutes and be in an environment that does not exceed the limits.
Model: T3100 
Attenuation: 1: 100
Input Resistance: 100MΩ
Input Capacitance: X100: 14.5pF~17.5pF
Compensation Range: 15pF~35pF
System Bandwidth: DC~100MHz
Maximum Working Input Voltage: X100: <2000VDC+Peak AC
Net Weight: <65g
Cable Length: 120cm
Temperature Operating Non operating: -10–+50  -20-+75
Humidity: ≤85% (Relative Humidity)
Package included:
1 x Hantek T3100 High Voltage Probe 100MHz

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