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1. Also shows voltage and current and mAH data for easy viewing.
2. Mobile power output MAH can be detected.
3. Does not affect the data transmission.
4. With precision current calibration function, the current accuracy is higher (it has been calibrated when shipped).
5. Smaller loss .
Input Voltage: 3V – 15V
The voltage resolution: 0.01 V
Input current: 0.05A-3.50A
The current resolution: 0.01 A
Capacity range: 0-19999 mAH
Accuracy: plus or minus 1%
Current of battery, value of discharging capacitor.(Total ten parameters)
Clean the data: Push the button until the parameters changed to next sets of parameters. Then release the button. Then the next sets of parameters will be started and they will start from zero.
Check the parameters: Quick beat the button double times(within 0.5s), then it is checking model. The LED background will be flash.Then you can see the next set of parameters in LCD screen. Quick beat the button double times agian, you release the parameters checking model. LED backgroud be light with flash.
Over voltage or under voltage: An arrowhead will be shown in LCD screen and LED background will flash. Push the button and LED will be light without flash. It will last 30s.

Package Included:

1 x USB Current Voltage Meter  (both is no retail boxes)
1 x 4A(5V) Discharge withc swith Load Resistor

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